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The Connecta't (Get Connected) Programme of the Carnet Jove youth card offers the possibility to go even further than the advantages and the discounts. It proposes a series of activities aimed at promoting and encouraging the cultural, social and participative side of young people.
Created in 2005, the Connecta't Programme aims to promote values such as solidarity or belonging to Europe, favouring participation between card holders and opening the doors to the professional world for them fostering, among other things, their creativeness.
All the Connecta't proposals are aimed exclusively at holders of the Generalitat of Catalonia's Carnet Jove youth card. Nevertheless, if you're interested in finding out more information you can do so by clicking here. All the information here is in Catalan.


...To culture
- Youth Card Grants: the aim is to promote access to the professional world for young people. The grants are worth €5,000 each. The person who is awarded the grant will enjoy a professional collaboration with a leading company or institution in the sector.
- Get connected to the Radio: Collaborate in a radio programme for the Grup Flaix.
- Get connected to the Arts: work as a journalist in the Diari Avui newspaper and publish 11 articles.
- Get connected to Design: illustrate the eight calls for the Carnet Jove youth card Get Connected Programme.
- Get connected to the Photo feature: Take the photographs for the monthly report of the Catalan Free Press Association.
- Get connected to the Comic: Publish comic strips in El Jueves and Medicampus magazines. Ediciones Glénat also publishes a book by the winner or by one of the finalists.
- Carnet Jove Jury at the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia: it is part of an official jury at the festival and awards two prizes
- Photo competition: photo competition with important prizes.

...To Solidarity
- Solidarity Youth Card Project: destination of part of the fee of each card holder to a Development Plan carried out by a Development NGO. Active participation in the decision-making process of the project.

...To Mobility
- End of academic year trip: visit Europe with your classmates.
- Summer Camp in Croatia: share a week of summer camp with people from all European countries.

...To participation
- Surveys: we'd like to know what you feel is missing.
- Prize draws: of concert tickets, airline tickets, tickets for cultural or sporting events, trade fairs and festivals.

More info at All the information here is in Catalan.

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