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General rules

- The Carnet Jove youth card is for personal use and is non-transferable therefore only the card holder may benefit from the advantages it offers.

- Card holders aged over 26, may find that some of the advantages are restricted, for example those of the LKXA or those in some European countries. Find out for yourself.

- If you lose your youth card or have it stolen, you should go to the branch of la Caixa that issued it or call +34 902 334 334.

- The places where you can use your Carnet Jove youth card are identified by a sticker with the image of the youth card and the following text "Aquí si, fem descompte" (We offer discounts here) at the entrance to the establishment.

- Discounts on services and/or articles will be offered at the address of the collaborators indicated for each case. If there's any other place or procedure (advanced sale of tickets), it's up to you to find out for each case.

- Collaborating associations can cancel with three months' warning, meaning that temporarily you might find advantages listed on the website even though the company has cancelled.

- In the event of any doubt about the identity of the person presenting the youth card, the collaborating associations may request the card holder to present their national identity card or passport to verify their identity. In the case of fraudulent use of the youth card, it may be retained and our head offices will immediately be informed.

- Collaborating associations are not obliged to offer a discount on products or services on sale, special promotions, payment with bankers' card or when legislation prevents it.

- The financial advantages and discounts on the purchase of tickets from the ServiCaixa (if there are any) are only valid for holders of the Carnet Jove bankers' card.

- "Carnet Jove" may not be held responsible for discounts that are not offered and possible variations on the percentage of them abroad. In this case, the incident will be notified to the organisation of each country and the European Youth Card Association (EYCA).

- If you have any doubts, suggestions or complaints about the use of your Carnet Jove youth card, please inform us at carnetjove@gencat.cat or write to us at:

Agència Catalana de la Joventut
Àrea del Carnet Jove
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Citizen Helpline +34 902 400 012

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